Greetings, dieter.

I’m Harry Thomas, author of The Common Sense Diet. I’m into answering questions, however, today I’ll begin with asking one; what does a generic story structure have in common with your ‘dieting’ attempts?

Each has a beginning, a conflict, a climax and a resolution.

Think about it; you begin with wanting to better your eating habits. The conflict is that you’ve gone about it in completely the wrong way, likely sticking rigidly to cabbage soup meals or a 30 day juice cleanse.

The climax happens when your body’s primal instincts catch up with you, throw you out of starvation mode and leave you no choice but to ram raid the nearest sweet shop, undoing all the ‘progress’ you’d made in the best part of 2 weeks.

Diet + splurge + repeat = 100% fail rate

Ring any bells?

I know it does for me. I tried everything, listening to some of the most bogus claims and old wives’ tales, all in the name of results. Here’s some of the methods I tried and failed at doing:

  1. Eating ‘clean’ (whatever that means) – we delve FAR deeper into this inside the Common Sense Diet.
  2. Cutting carbs because of how much mainstream media ostracised them, installing the wrong beliefs into the minds of myself and SO MANY others.
  3. Scrapping fat; the theory that fat is ‘bad’ is outdated and has been proven to be incorrect.

I. Had. No. Clue.

Despite my best efforts, I ended up back at square one every time.

cabbage-soup-diet.jpg (614×404)

The resolution of THIS story is rare and elusive, with so many stuck in the monotonous cycle of cabbage soup, cravings and cookies, all because they didn’t care to come to this page just like YOU did.


We need more people like you.

It’s called ‘common sense’, something different from what you’ll find in your average ‘rapid fat loss’ or ‘instant hypertrophy’ plans (scams) PLAGUING the diet industry right now.

I practice what I preach which is surprisingly rare amongst these self-proclaimed ‘gurus’, regardless of what they might tell you. I take the same angle to eating as is written down in this book, which helps fuel both my physical performance and my ambitions.

I run, a lot. I walk into parties and gatherings with my friends and I’m always the first to be recognised…I’m not a playboy or socialite by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just ‘the ginger boy that runs’. I’m pounding the pavement 6 days a week; something I’m certain I’d never be able to do if I was on a ‘cleanse’.

juicecleanse1.jpg (970×546)I’ve also hit a record of 87 push ups in a minute – do you reckon I’d have been able to do that if I’d been doing a detox?

Hell to the no.

Sidenote: the body doesn’t need a detox, to detox. It can do that itself.

I eat common sense. I follow the Common Sense Diet.

Here’s what’s in it for YOU if you choose to do the same:

  • Discovering the 1 principle that ANY diet plan needs to be successful – if you don’t have this you’re doomed from the start!
  • Recognising why you failed before and how to prevent that rut FOREVER.
  • Being able to enjoy all of your favourite foods – you know, the stuff on the ‘forbidden’ and ‘bad’ list?
  • A how-to guide for eating healthily with a choc-a-bloc schedule.
  • Exposure to the myths, rumours and outright LIES of the diet industry – I pretty much flay these before dicing them up and throwing them into a hot wok with a selection of stir fry vegetables.

IMPORTANT: this is NOT a fad. Success comes from small decisions and changes made every day added up over time, like a snowball rolling down a pure white mountain getting bigger and bigger. Your eating habits are no different.


Snowball-Compounding-Interest3-752x480.jpg (752×480)

^The progress you could make…

How do you know if the Common Sense Diet is for you?

  • If you want to end your confusion about food and diets, it’s for you.
  • If you want to stop yo-yo dieting, it’s for you.
  • If you get off on seeing and FEELING the fruits of your hard work, the Common Sense Diet is for you.
  • Simply wanting to spruce up your diet a little makes it for you.
  • Being prepared to unlock a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER you means that, you guessed it…it’s for you.

All that without even a single shot of wheatgrass.

Be that as it may, The Common Sense Diet will NOT be for you if…

  • You want immediate results.
  • You enjoy the thrill of the yo-yo diet, dipping up and down in weight while slowly corrupting your health in the process.
  • You’re completely content with your current eating habits.
  • You’re scared of change.
  • Your goal is to get into shape in time for a certain event and that event only – this is a LIFESTYLE change, not a calendar.

So with the above covered and your eyes already opened to what’s actually going on here, one question remains; are you game?

And because my name is Harry Thomas and I love you, I have made the price cheaper than you’ll pay for your any diet pill concoction, that’s for damn sure.

Tastier, too.

I’m offering you a…


>>>>£6.99 (£15)<<<<


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