Diet law #1…



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I’ll explain.

Being out of shape sucks. Overweight…underweight…skinny-fat…it sucks.

It’s awful carrying yourself the way you do because of how your body looks. It’s like you’ve been squashed by a weight so heavy that even walking wears you down.

This could be you in a physical sense, too.

Your low self-esteem that stems from the poor physical state of your body alone makes its impact as well…

You don’t believe in yourself.

You take less pride in your appearance.

You’ve been out ‘the game’ for years…

You KNOW you’re in a bad way, yet you continue to lose out on promotions at work – when you know your work’s better than any of your colleague’s  – and take constant ridicule from family and friends. And if that’s not enough, simply going out becomes a nightmare, with people sizing you up from head to toe at all angles, their faces contorted with a mix of disgust and humour.

The vile assumptions people make about you when they see you further dent your ego; you don’t respect yourself…you’re a glutton…you’re stupid…you’re sloppy…sound familiar? And although you’ve developed a thick skin, every word is still salt to an open wound.

OR you could fall victim to insults and assumptions down the other end of the spectrum…do you have an eating disorder? Eat a cheeseburger, for goodness sake!

In both cases, how did it feel being picked last in phys ed class?

All the assumptions, remarks and consequences still hurt like the first time round…

And it’s time for a change.

I say this because, until now, you’ve been putting up with the sadness, discomfort and DEPRESSION that comes with you not being happy in your own skin.

You lose out.

Work opportunities go by the wayside because, as a heavier person, you look sloppy, as if you’ve no self-respect.

Maybe you feel so emaciated that you can’t enjoy the sports you love without being thrown around, breathless or injured more frequently than what’s normal.

You don’t want to have to break a sweat going up a flight of stairs anymore, or break bones at the drop of a hat.

This WILL continue if you don’t make the change.

Your current condition is attributed to your diet. It’s not ‘genetics’ or being ‘big-boned’, it’s ALL to do with what passes your lips.

Your mood, energy and personal hygiene are all affected by what you eat .

The little energy you have gives you no motivation to do that thing you once loved (you know what I’m talking about)

Your work performance has dropped for the same reason.

Your family, friends and colleagues are sure to leave at least a foot between the two of you when you interact.

Your halitosis won’t go away no matter how much mouthwash you shove down your neck.

On top of all this, there’s the clothing problem…

Walking into stores only to find that clothes just don’t fit like they used to – do they even sell your size anymore?

How about those ‘big and tall’ stores you frequent? They’ve got nothing on your favourite outlets, right?

What about your kids? They’re the future!

How does it feel to not be able to keep up with them on playdates or at the park?

Imagine not being around to see them blossom and thrive as adults…not being able to see the beauty they bring into the world…

Embrace those thoughts for a moment – don’t read on until you have.


What if I told you there was a way out of all this?

What if I told you that you could start in as little as 24 hours?

I can help you.

I have your solution.

Do you want to feel better about your body?

Do you want more energy?

A better mood?

I know I did.

You see, when I wanted to get into better shape, I tried everything…I ditched carbs, feared fat and even tried ‘clean’ eating.

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I felt miserable. I wasn’t eating in a way that was working for me…I was only eating what I was ‘supposed’ to eat.

Day by day, my cravings increased…I restricted both my calories and the types of food I ate…

I didn’t know what I was doing.

Eventually, my natural, HUMAN instincts took over, and anything high in sugar and fat within close proximity went right down the hatch. This pattern carried on for the duration of each of these ‘diets’.

I longed for even the most mundane staples of a normal diet – ham sandwich, anyone?

I’d gotten to that point…that ‘ENOUGH!’ moment – the same one you might be having now.

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and use one thing we are all given at birth…


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And that’s where it all changed…

The deprivation stopped. I no longer cared what was ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’, or what was low-fat or carb-dense.

I was feeling better already. Literally, I’d gone from being frustrated and bored to savouring every bite of my meals in a single day – just from eating a common sense diet.

It was a win-win; I could enjoy (and still do) my favourite foods whilst not having to worry about the effect it might have on my waistline or athletic performance – something else the change of diet sorted out.

I could run faster. I could do more push ups. My endurance had gone through the roof.

And that wasn’t all – I was able to get more out of each day with my productivity sky-rocketing, and I no longer felt overly fatigued or sluggish.

The Common Sense Diet is built on old and proven principles that have helped me feel better about both myself and my body. This happened almost instantly, and it tasted excellent at the same time.

But hey, the choice is yours – you can stay where you are and do what you’ve always done, which will only get you what you’ve always got – and you can only keep running from that for so long – but where would that leave you in…

5 years time?

How about 10?


With your health deteriorating, your risk of chronic disease increasing, and your self-hatred thriving – all of this worsening hour by hour, day by day, until you’re finished.

Look, as far as you or I know, we’re only here once and life’s short enough – why make it even shorter?

There’s no need for it.


You can lose any worries of an early burial and increase your health, fitness, energy, productivity and longevity, all while eating your favourite foods and living your best, happiest life.

No more deprecation.

No more self-loathing.

More alertness.

Better performance.

Sounds great, right?

It tastes that way, too – fancy a slice?


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