Eat Stop Eat – a review

Eat Stop Eat is a book unlike any other dieting product on the market as it debunks the most common myths of the health industry and has a different approach to losing weight. It is developed by Brad Pilon who actually has a master’s degree in nutrition and also worked in the supplement industry. So, […]

Energy eats 

As we get caught up in what’s in our food and how many calories of this or that is shoved in what we find on the shelves, we tend to forget food’s main purpose – to supply us with energy. This energy comes in the form of calories and fuels our daily activities, be that […]

An apple a day…

…keeps the doctor away, apparently. There’s no secret that apples are a tasty, healthy snack and definitely serve as part of a healthy, balanced diet as well as being 1 of our 5 a day. Apples happen to contain a mean enough amount of natural sugar to provide us with a decent source of energy […]